Certification Programs

The certification process is designed to ensure that investigators have the necessary knowledge and skills to competently perform this function. Certification can only be obtained after completing the Conducting Serious Incident Investigations course. We offer two levels of certification.

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  1. Level One Certification: Certification by Examination

    Participants who successfully complete our course, Conducting Serious Incident Investigations, are eligible to sit for an examination of that course's content.  If an individual has taken the course more than three years prior to seeking certification, he/she may take the one-day refresher program to prepare for the exam. Those who pass the examination with a grade of 80 percent or higher receive Level One Certification.

  2. Level Two Certification: Certification by Evaluation

    Level One certification is merely a prediction of investigatory excellence. LRA also provides a second level of certification that measures the quality of actual investigatory performance. After completing the training, each potential investigator will submit one investigation which LRA will evaluate using standards derived from the Conducting Serious Incident Investigations course. LRA has implemented these standards in over a dozen states. Those who pass The Evaluation with a score of 80 percent or higher receive Level Two certification.