Certification Programs

The certification process is designed to ensure that investigators have the necessary knowledge and skills to competently perform this function.

Certification can only be obtained after completing the Conducting Serious Incident Investigations course.

We offer THREE levels of certification.

Level One Certification: Certification by Examination

After completing the Conducting Serious Incident Investigations course, individuals may take an exam to become a Level I Certified Investigator. LRA developed a set of exams in 2001 which are used today in our certification process. The exams are the product of a rigorous process to ensure their reliability and validity. This included the development of six exams that were piloted with multiple groups before being put into practice.

During the piloting, an item analysis was conducted to identify any items that might be confusing to participants, and modify them for clarity. The exams were also reviewed by a national expert on test development who specializes in exams for law enforcement and fire-fighting personnel.

More than 10,000 persons have been certified in 22 states and the District of Columbia, not including state agencies which have purchased our certification process.

Level Two: Advanced Certification

LRA is offering a one day instructor-led course via Zoom to obtain advanced certification as an investigator. This course is designed to enhance investigative skills, focusing primarily on the tasks an investigator must perform after a thorough collection of the evidence.

At the end of the class, participants will be given an assignment to write an analysis and conclusion for a case and submit it to LRA for feedback.

Participants will receive Level Two Certification upon completion of the course and the written assignment.

Level Three Certification: Certification by Evaluation

Level One certification is merely a prediction of investigatory excellence. LRA also provides a third level of certification that measures the quality of actual investigatory performance.

After completing the training, each potential investigator will submit one investigation which LRA will evaluate using standards derived from the Conducting Serious Incident Investigations course.

LRA has implemented these standards in over a dozen states. Those who pass The Evaluation with a score of 80 percent or higher receive Level Three certification.