Refresher Course in Investigations
Self Paced Online Course

Labor Relations Alternatives is offering our Refresher Course in Investigations in an Online Self-Paced Format.

This course is designed to refresh your knowledge from LRA’s signature course, Conducting Serious Incident Investigations. The course will cover basic foundation principles of investigations including evidence and how to collect it, how to write a proper investigatory question, how to interview witnesses, and how to come to proper investigatory conclusions.

Participants must have completed the Conducting Serious Incident Investigations course before taking this class.

This course consists of 8 modules; all must be completed within 21 days in order to receive credit. The course includes the following teaching methodologies:


  1. Reading assignments:Participants will be assigned reading from the Investigations Manual or handouts to be completed prior to listening to a lecture or completing a written assignment or quiz.
  2. Commentary:Some modules include additional content related to the topic.
  3. Written assignments:Many modules require that participants complete an online written assignment. After completing each assignment, the participant will compare his or her results with the expected answers provided by LRA. The instructor will review the assignments for completeness.
  4. Quizzes:Some modules will be followed by short quizzes. The quizzes will be graded online and results provided to the participant with an explanation for the correct response. Participants must score 70 or above to continue to the next module or topic. Quizzes may be taken as many times as needed.


An instructor will be assigned to you and provide the following support:


  1. Available to answer any questions submitted via email regarding the course content.
  2. Review of assignments for quality and completeness.
  3. Monitoring of course progress to promote completing the course on schedule.
  4. Class schedule: All modules must be completed within 21 days after beginning the course.

Cost: $349


Registration: You may register online using the ‘Register’ button above. Please contact Carolyn Slocum at (512) 289-1854 or [email protected] for any questions about registration.  If you are an agency registering eleven or more persons, a group rate will be available. Please contact Laura Nuss at (202) 355-0799 or [email protected] to inquire about group rates.


Payment:  LRA will accept debit or credit card at the time of registration for the class.  If an agency registers a group, checks will be accepted. Make checks payable to: RCM Training and Consulting, LLC  Federal I.D. #87-3798573. Please contact Carolyn Slocum at (512) 289-1854 or [email protected] for any questions about making a payment by check.